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Culinary Webinar Session on "Malaysian Gastronomy"

On 28th April 2020, Chef Sharizan Azali, Chef Lecturer from Bachelor of Science (Hons) Culinology was invited by Trinity College of Hotel Management, Hyderabad, India, to deliver a virtual sharing session entitled “Malaysian Gastronomy: A Virtual Experience for the Futuristic Indian Hospitality & Culinary Leaders”.

A group of 50 students and lecturers from Trinity College and Taylor’s University attended the Webinar. The 90-minute session introduced participants to Malaysia’s sovereignty, cultural gastronomical component, tourism & hospitality industry segmentation, and global food-print repute status.

The virtual sharing session was initiated by Trinity College of Hotel Management’s Principal, Chef Balraja Arunachalam with a webinar opening forewords by Dr. Joaquim Dias Soeiro, Head of School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events, Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management, Taylor's University.


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