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Culinology® Commercial-Ready Product "Farmers' Trio" Won Bronze at Taylor’s Innofest 2021

A team of Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Culinology® final year students won bronze in Taylor’s Innofest held in December 2021, under the category of Taylor’s University Commercialization Potential. The winning product was FARMERS’ TRIO, a nutrition-enhanced baked chips made from jackfruit seed. The product was intended to be eaten directly as a snack to fulfill the cravings of savory snacks.

This healthy snack was developed under the final year project entitled "Utilization of Jackfruit Seed in Developing Sustainable and Innovative Product" under the supervision of Dr. Chong Li Choo, Programme Director, School of Food Studies & Gastronomy.

With this commercial-ready product, the team will be given a chance to be selected into Taylor’s internal innovation funding programme IGNITE 10 to build their own business venture.


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