Culinology® Workshop Series on "Incredible Plant-based Ice-cream: A Scoop of Sweet Science"

On 24th September 2021, Dr. Chong Li Choo and Chef Sharizan Azali from Bachelor of Science (Hons.) (Culinology) programme, School of Food Studies & Gastronomy were invited to conduct a virtual workshop during the Bali Taman Rama School & Taman Rama Intercultural School Virtual Education Fair 2021.

The workshop entitled “Incredible Plant-based Ice-cream: A scoop of Sweet Science” was an interesting workshop which allowed participants to learn the science behind ice-cream making and the stages involved in developing plant-based ice-cream, from ideation to creating a prototype. Some of the innovative ice-cream created by the Culinology® students were also showcased during the workshop.

The expertise of Dr. Chong Li Choo and Chef Sharizan in conducting this interesting virtual workshop was highly appreciated by all the participants.