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Data-Driven Marketing: How does the Advertising and Marketing Industry Use Data? by Mr Dheeraj Raina

Mr. Dheeraj Raina, Media CEO of Dentsu Malaysia, was invited to share his insight on the titled of “Data-driven Marketing: How does the Advertising and Marketing Industry Use Data?" with the students of Advertising and Brand Management Collaborative Project and Professional Media Workshop (Advertising) Dentsu Malaysia is one of the leading media and advertising agencies in the world, currently ranked #13 in the top 50 most loved brands in the world according to a report by Talkwalker and ranked #331 in Fortune’s Global 500 Companies. The students in the class were mostly Semester 5 students currently working on their final projects.

Mr. Dheeraj gave the students an overview of how data is used in general for advertising and marketing, and he also shared the general process of how Dentsu looks at and uses data in their campaigns. He showed several case studies of Dentsu’s work, such as the Tiger Beer Virtual Food Fest and the Avengers: Infinity War “Heroes in the Sky” campaigns.

He then answered several questions from the students regarding data and the skills that would be required to work in this field. Around 45 students from the School of Media & Communication attended this hybrid session.


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