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Design & Development of International Tour Packages in Post Covid Era

As a part of international engagement, Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events organized a Tourism Speaker Series on “Design and Development of International Tour Packages”. The session aimed to give exposure to the tourism products design and tour packages, especially in post Covid era.

Around 40 students from Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Hons) and Bachelor of International Events Management (Hons) programme joined this 90-minute session. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gul Erkol Bayram, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Department of Tour Guiding, University of Sinop, Turkey was invited as a Guest Speaker to share her knowledge in tourism product design and the development of international tour packages.

The session covered several essential components, such as the importance and functions of tour packages. Dr. Gul discussed different types of tour packages and tourism products required in post Covid era. She highlighted on the concept of Thomas Cook’s inclusive and escorted tour packages, which are well accepted and marketed at the current time. Further, she introduced the concept of carrying capacity, an important element to be considered while planning new tourism products resulting in better management of the tourism destination.

Furthermore, she provided additional information and attributes of tourism policy. Dr. Gul concluded the session by sharing numerous policies implemented in several world-class tourism destinations. The Q&A became more interactive when the students asked about the parameters to be considered for carrying capacity while designing the new tourism products. This was a very insightful session for the students.


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