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Discovering the Exquisite Culture of Japan through “Kokushu”

Taylor’s Culinary Institute organized an exclusive dinner event in collaboration with Entwine Consultancy and Embassy of Japan in Malaysia. The Institute had welcomed 40 guests including the Ambassador from Embassy of Japan in Malaysia, His Excellency Mr. Takashi Katsuhiko, and his wife Mrs. Takahashi Mami; Mr. Thomas Ling, Malaysia’s First Certified Sommelier and a Certified Sake Educator & Specialist, members of Taylor's Wine & Dine Club, TCI Faculty Members and Alumni.

The night started with a seminar and tasting of Japan’s Kokushu conducted by Mr. Thomas Ling explained the differences between Japan's National Beverages. The guests tasted up to 3 different types of Japan’s National Brew from the ordinary table Sake to a premium and complex Sake and Shochu.

The dinner was served with Japan’s National Beverages paired with French menu with an added hint of Malaysia flavours created by Chef Pascal Bonnafous, from Vocational High School De Hotel and Tourism D'occitanie, France; Chef Frederic Cerchi and Chef Aaron Tang from Taylor’s Culinary Institute. The dinner kicked off with a Welcome Aperitif of Shochu Tonic Highball, followed by a basket of mixed sourdoughs and shokupan with mustard seed butter. The dinner was continued with following course meals served with a pairing sake:-

  1. Salmon Tartare & Crab Tian x Masumi ‘Shiro’ Junmai Ginjo from Nagano Prefecture

  2. Duck Confit and Smoked Magret Lasagna x Dewazakura ‘Oka’ Ginjo from Yamagata Prefecture

  3. Grilled Angus Beef with Morel Sauce x Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai from Iwate Prefecture

  4. Almond & Vanilla Mille-feuille x Umenoyado ‘Aragoshi Lemon’ Sake Liqueur from Nara Prefecture

The event was wrapped up with coffee/tea and a small glass of Awamori. It was a successful event to introduce the versatility of Japanese Kokushu with raving reviews from the guests. His Excellency Mr. Takashi Katsuhiko and his wife Mrs. Takahashi Mami proposed the idea of further collaboration with Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai, an extraordinary opportunity indeed!


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