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Diving into Food Culture: Authenticity and Safety in the Hospitality Industry by Dr. Elise Line Mognard at Wageningen University & Research Symposium

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elise Line Mognard, Programme Director of Postgraduate Programmes in Food Studies at Taylor’s University, showcased her expertise in the modernization of food habits and systems at the symposium organised by the Wageningen University & Research.

With a research focus on the modernization of food habits and their impact on cosmopolitanism, health, and sustainability, Dr. Elise's insights illuminated the symposium’s theme, "Diving into Food Culture: Authenticity and Safety in the Hospitality Industry" with her hybrid presentation entitled "Tourism Promotion of Food Heritage: A Case Study of Bario, Kelabit Highlands (Borneo, Malaysia)".

Wageningen University & Research is a public research university in Wageningen, Netherlands, specializing in life sciences with a focus on agriculture, technical and engineering subjects. It is a globally important center for life sciences and agricultural research. Wageningen University, as a research university, grants degrees at the BSc, MSc and PhD level in life and social sciences. It focuses its research on scientific, social and commercial problems in the field of life sciences and natural resources.

The symposium was graced by Dr. Pieternel Luning, an Associate Professor in the Food Quality & Design group, hosting Master's research students from Wageningen University, highlighted Taylor's University as a hub for food culture experts. Dr. Elise's participation not only boosted the visibility of Taylor’s Food Studies programme but also sparked interest among potential Ph.D. students seeking advanced education in food-related fields. Her research-driven contributions have reshaped conversations on food culture dynamics, reinforcing Taylor’s University’s commitment to cutting-edge research and academic excellence in Food Studies.


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