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Dr. Sayyid Shafiee from SLAS Appointed as MQA Panel Assessor for Music and Performing Arts Programme

Dr. Muhammad Sayyid Bin Shafiee, Senior Lecturer from the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (SLAS) is appointed as Panel Accessor by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) in November 2021. As for this appointment, Dr. Sayyid Shafiee who is currently holding a role as Programme Director for the Bachelor of Performing Arts at Taylor’s University is responsible to evaluate the accreditation application from public and private universities in Malaysia for Music and Performing Arts disciplines. This includes visitation, evaluation, as well as providing reports for accreditation processes.

Dr. Sayyid Shafiee started his musical journey as a saxophonist at Victoria Institution before he completed his Bachelor’s in Music Composition at Unversity Teknologi MARA. He also completed his Master and PhD in Music Composition at the Royal Birmingham Conservatory, United Kingdom. His music has been featured in various festivals throughout the UK, Europe, and Asia. He received performances from various festivals including Druskomanija (Lithuania), ChinaAsean Music Festival (China), Risuonanze Festival (Italy), Asian Composers League (Philippines), Soundbridge Festival (Malaysia), SNU New Music Festival (Korea) and many other music events.

Besides teaching, he was also appointed as Honorary Secretary for the Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers and hosted the 4th Soundbridge Festival as a festival co-director which involved more than 60 international musicians and composers that showcases more than 40 new musical works at Taylor’s University in 2019. Enthusiastic towards music education and performing arts, his future career also involves cross-media discipline and its contributions towards contemporary music development in general. From the Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management, we extend heartiest congratulations on this appointment and may this appointment be the perfect inspiration for all academicians to strive the greater heights and achievements.


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