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ECCE PhD Scholar Denise Duar's Diary: Ep2 "The Octopus" Christy Tong, Principal of Alpine Preschool

Denise Duar, Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) PhD Scholar from the School of Education, Taylor’s University shared another entry from her “Diary” as she caught up with a good friend of hers, Christy Tong from the Early Childhood Education industry. Christy is an alumna of Taylor’s University, she has completed her Master of Teaching and Learning from the School of Education a couple of years back. Christy is now a Principal of Alpine Preschool and has recently co-published three books with her colleagues from the field of Early Childhood Education.

In this casual interview, Christy shared how she embarked on her career and how the pursuit of qualifications starting from a Diploma in Early Childhood to the Doctor of Philosophy in Education exposed her to a wide range of skills and knowledge that she is now well equipped with. “Octopus” – a term that Christy used to describe herself in the interview with much joy and passion.

Find out what Christy meant by that and how becoming an “Octopus” can be rewarding and can bring joy to one’s career like hers! The YouTube video entitled, Diary of an ECCE Scholar: Christy Tong, the octopus.

If you missed the first episode of this docu-series (ECCE through Denise’s lens), simply head over via Early Childhood Education Mini-series 1: ECCE through Denise's Lens to watch it!

Special thanks to Mr. Azrain Bin Muhamad Arifin, Senior Lecturer from Taylor's University School of Media and Communication, Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management and students from the Taylor's University School of Media & Communication, namely Maizatul Amirah Mahat, Pon Hang Lam, and Akif Amir, School of Computer Science & Engineering for making the pilot episode of this docu-series a possibility!


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