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ECCE Phd Scholar's Diary Ep.4: Meet “Mum-Preneur” & Founder of Junggle Brain

In her diary episode #4, Denise Duar, Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) PhD Scholar from the School of Education, Taylor’s University took us to meet the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Juggle Brain, Malaysia, Ms. Akriti Anand who is formerly a school educator, too!

Juggle Brain, Malaysia is a parenting companion that supports kids' development with engaging products focused on sensory exploration and encouraging curiosity.

Inspired by her passion and dedication towards her own children, Ms. Akriti began to create "Busy Bags", little pouches containing simple activities for young children to be kept occupied independently. Fast forward, this led to Ms. Akriti to embark on the early childhood entrepreneurship journey as she courageously took her first step into officiating her handmade products for sale.

Denise shared her conversation with “Mum-Preneur”, Ms. Akriti Anand in the second part of the entry on how she turned her personal experiences and emotions as a new mother in a foreign country into an inspiration that led her to build her very own empire today (i.e., Juggle Brain).

Amongst the key “Ingredients” to succeed as an Entrepreneur she shared, here are the four (4) pro-tips:-

  1. Do not procrastinate! If you have an idea, just execute it … the sooner the better!

  2. Do not be afraid to try, which leads to point number three

  3. It’s perfectly okay to start small … and finally

  4. Have faith in the process, things will always turn out well.

But of course, having said that, one must be equipped with the right set of qualification to hone the skills and knowledge to work with young children. Here at Taylor’s University, the School of Education offers the Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education as one of the five Specialization options. This degree programme covers a module entitled “Entrepreneurship and Small Business” where the students will be equipped with comprehensive knowledge and skill sets to become an Entrepreneur like Ms. Akriti one day.


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