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Enchanting Psychodrama to Explore Emotional Depths with Certified Psychodramatist Ms. Sharmini Winslow

Students from the Bachelor of Performing Arts (Hons), Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Master of Clinical Psychology, and Master of Counselling programmes took part in a workshop at Taylor's Dance Studio, delving into the profound world of psychodrama. The workshop was led by the esteemed presence of Ms. Sharmini Winslow, Director and Certified Psychodramatist at Psychodrama Singapore. Psychodrama, an expressive and therapeutic technique that incorporates dramatic and theatrical elements, provides a transformative experience for the participants, combining performing arts and psychology to deepen their understanding of emotions and interpersonal dynamics.

Ms. Sharmini Winslow, shared insights on the power of psychodrama in unlocking suppressed emotions and promoting personal growth. Her expertise added a valuable layer to the academic integration of psychodrama into the curriculum, providing students with a real-world perspective on its application. The vibrant and creative atmosphere of Taylor's Dance Studio set the stage for this exploration of emotions. The dynamic synergy among performing arts, counseling, and psychology students created a rich tapestry of perspectives, fostering a holistic learning environment. Throughout the session, participants engaged in various psychodramatic exercises, including the physical contract of confidentiality, spectrogram, mirroring, and role reversal.

These activities not only facilitated a safe space for self-expression but also encouraged empathy and understanding among the participants. The physical contract of confidentiality, a cornerstone of psychodrama, emphasizes the importance of trust and privacy within the group, while the spectrogram serves as a launching point for a general discussion of individual or group problems. Mirroring and role reversal allow participants to step into each other's shoes, fostering empathy and breaking down barriers. As the day unfolded, participants not only embraced the techniques of psychodrama but also forged connections across disciplines. 

The integration of psychology and performing arts proved to be a potent combination, enriched the learning experience for all involved. In her closing remarks, Ms. Sharmini Winslow commended the participants for their openness and commitment to self-discovery. She emphasized the significance of psychodrama as a tool for personal and collective healing, encouraging students to apply these lessons in their respective fields. The psychodrama workshop at Taylor's Dance Studio marked a milestone in the exploration of emotions, demonstrating that psychodrama has the power to transcend boundaries and foster a deeper understanding of the human experience.


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