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Engaging with Engage: Panel Discussion on Global Virtual Classroom Experience with EngageVR

Taylor's School of Education in collaboration with School of Education, Liberal Arts Music and Social Work, Centro Escolar University, Manila, Philippines hosted a virtual panel discussion. The panel discussion aimed to promote immersive learning environments as an alternative teaching innovation and to explore cultural exchange experiences between pre-service teachers from both higher learning institutions.

The panelists were two Academics, Dr. P. Thivilojana S. Perinpasingam, Project Leader from Taylor's University and Assistant Prof. Richard M. Rillo from Centro Escolar University, as well as two Technical Experts, Dr. Charles Sharma Naidu, Director of Vortex XR Lab and Mr. Faisal Athar, XR Specialist from VORTEX XR Lab, Taylor's University.

Furthermore, four Pre-service Teachers/Student Teachers from the Global Virtual Classroom initiative, Ms. Tow Wan Tian and Ms. Ishaanaah Ravi from Taylor's University, together with Ms. Elyssa Ashley B. Sio and Ms. Divina Catherine F. Goduco from Centro Escolar University, shared their experiences using EngageVR in their classrooms. The panel session was moderated by Dr. Tan Shin Yen, Senior Lecturer from Taylor's School of Education. More than 100 people joined the discussion via Zoom and YouTube.

The lively panel discussion touched on various topics and raised awareness about the dynamic of microteaching utilizing the EngageVR platform. This enabled Pre-service Teachers to obtain first-hand experience handling students in a less challenging virtual learning environment before experiencing and managing diverse learners in a real classroom at a private higher learning institution in Malaysia.

The panel discussion was also organized in partnership with Taylor's VORTEX XR Lab, where Dr. Charles Sharma and Mr. Faisal Athar led the EngageVR familiarization session. This is an initiative of Taylor's Impact Lab: Education for All which aims to promote virtual teaching innovation in a global classroom setting.


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