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English Winter Camp Programme

The Winter Camp 2020 was held from January 13-24, 2020 for 20 undergraduates of a Korean University, Dong-Eui Institute of Technology. The short programme was initiated by the Global Korean Union (GKU) and it was run from 9 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

The programme was designed specifically to cater to the request of the organiser, GKU and it included 3 hours of Academic Writing from 9-11.45 am, followed by a one hour 15-minute lunch break and continued by 3 hours of Business English. Two 3-hour modules; Get to Know Malaysia! and Communication Skills in the Malay Language were included in the course. Students had a presentation and put up a performance on the last day to show what they had learned over the two weeks.

The feedback from the students shows that the programme was a success and the instructors had ensured that it was delivered with the accustomed high standards of Taylor’s University. The Winter Camp was a success and the organisers, and the students were easy to work with. Lessons went on very smoothly without any hitches or problems.


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