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Enhancing Inclusive Education for Special Needs Learners by RISE Educator Awardee Cikgu Kumaresan

In a recent sharing session on 'Enhancing Inclusive Education for Special Needs Learners", we were honoured to invite Associate Professor Dr. Logendra Stanley Ponniah, Head of School of Education at Taylor's University, as the adept Moderator. The session featured our esteemed guest speaker, Mr. Kumaresan Muniandy from Sekolah Menengah Pendidikan Khas Vokasional Merbok, Kedah who was honored with the 2023 RISE Educator Award. The event provided an invaluable platform for educators, stakeholders, and learners to explore innovative approaches to empower individuals with special needs and promote inclusivity within our communities. Cikgu Kumaresan's session was nothing short of inspiring and impactful.

Drawing on his own experiences and observations, he shared insights into his "Entrepreneurship Training Programs." These programs are designed to foster economic and human capital for students with special needs, nurturing their independence and self-reliance. The "Transition to Career Program" implemented in schools plays a pivotal role in preparing special needs learners for the workforce, ensuring a seamless transition to fulfilling careers. Throughout the session, Mr. Kumaresan candidly addressed the challenges encountered while implementing these initiatives. He emphasized the critical role of a supportive school community in creating sustainable, inclusive learning environments.

The school would like to extend deepest gratitude to Mr. Kumaresan and all participants for enriching this sharing session.

Playback available on YouTube channel:


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