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Event Sponsorship Trends and Strategies - An Insights From Prominent Industry Professional Ms. Dee Dee Quah

The School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events students enrolled in the 'Event Sponsorship and Funding' module were treated to an enriching guest speaker session featuring Ms. Dee Dee Quah, Founder and Director of Medical Conference Partners, who is an experienced professional organizer based in Kuala Lumpur. With a remarkable 15-year tenure at Medical Conference Partners and a concurrent role as an Adjunct Professor at the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events, Taylor’s University, Dee Dee brought a wealth of practical insights to Taylor's students.

The session proved to be invaluable as Ms. Dee Dee delved into the importance of event sponsorship, drawing from her extensive experiences in organizing conferences, exhibitions, and more. In addressing sponsorship trends in 2024, she highlighted the evolving landscape, emphasizing the growing significance of purpose-driven partnerships and discussed how sponsors are increasingly aligning with events that resonate with their values and objectives, creating mutually beneficial relationships that extend beyond the event’s duration.

Through compelling case studies, she illustrated the strategic nuances involved in preparing sponsorship prospectus documents, emphasizing the need for meticulous planning and customization to attract and retain sponsors effectively. As students engaged in the discourse, the session not only provided theoretical knowledge but also tangible, real-world applications, making the learning experience both enjoyable and directly relevant to their academic pursuits in event sponsorship and funding. Ms. Dee Dee’s insights served as a reference for students to recognize sponsorship not merely as a financial transaction, but as a dynamic and strategic collaboration that can significantly shape the success and sustainability of future events.


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