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Events & Entertainment Insights from an Industry Expert’s Perspective by Mr. Rizal Kamal

Events and entertainment are very well related with each other. Every event will have an entertainment component in it. Be it for the purpose of education, attracting people, relaxing, creating or developing the right atmosphere for the event or perhaps, the event itself is an entertainment event with the purpose of entertaining people. As part of the co-teaching event series by the School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events (SHTE), Taylor’s University, a total of 30 students enrolled in the Events and Entertainment module in the January 2022 semester were given the opportunity to gain insights from the industry expert on the topic of Introduction to Entertainment.

Mr. Rizal Kamal, Senior Adjunct Lecturer, Taylor’s University, the CEO of LOL Asia and President of Arts, Live Festivals and Events Association (ALIFE) was invited for this round of guest lecture session. It was indeed a privilege to have Mr. Rizal on board to share his vast experience and knowledge on the topic from the perspective of industry experts. With more than 10 years of experience in hosting and organizing live entertainment shows/events with different famous local and international celebrities, Mr. Rizal is the ideal person for the topic Introduction to Entertainment.

During the one-hour online session, students were exposed with several real-life case studies relating to the future trends in entertainment industry with the implementation of Metaverse and NFTs. The session was conducted in a very interactive way, which encouraged the students to share their views on the case studies given. It was a very good idea to use real life case studies to introduce how the entertainment industry works because it attracts the students’ attention. Mr. Rizal also shared the significance of entertainment and events.

Students’ feedbacks on the session were encouraging as they were not only benefited from Mr. Rizal’s knowledge, but also gained a new perspective on entertainment industry and how significant it is with events. Students were exposed to the importance of entertainment business not only for the economy but to fulfil humans’ needs. Indeed, a different perspective especially from an industry expert, which is crucial for students’ learning experience and a very good exposure.


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