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Events Marketing Students hauled to "Court"

The largest cohort attending the Events Marketing (EVM60104) module in January 2019 semester, were in suspense and had mixed feeling when they were told of their day in court – Moot Court that is. This semester was also unique as the elective module was offered to 40 students from School of Computing & IT (SoCIT), apart from the usual School of Media and Communication (SoMAC) students. The 90 students were present for a role play on an actual civil case where an event organiser was sued for breach of contract.

Killing several birds with one stone, the students learnt about terminologies and elements of a contract as well as the role of various key players in the events industry. The management of Taylor’s Law School made the experience of a court room setting possible by allowing the use of the Moot Court at Block E. Many students were impressed and surprised that such facilities were available at the Lakeside Campus. The collaboration of the 3 schools was indeed welcomed by the students, who found the occasion a fun way to learn. Some students took their role seriously to read up on the case and practiced speaking the legal jargons to the amusement of the audience/jury. It was certainly a WIN-WIN-WIN event to close the semester on a high note.


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