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Exclusive Internship Experience for Taylor's Hospitality Students at JW Marriott Hong Kong

The Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Honours) (BIHM) students from School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events, Taylor's University have privilege to choose their internship placement from the extensive list of international hotel chains and leading hotels in Malaysia that the school collaborates with.

BIHM students can choose to pursue their internship either in Malaysia or abroad. The programme allows them to make their career choices after they complete the six months internship.

Marriott International’s JW Marriott Hong Kong is an active Internship Industry Partner of School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events. JW Marriott Hong Kong has accepted many vibrant BIHM students as part of their internship programme.

The internship in JW Marriott Hong Kong will take place from 9th January to 30th June 2023 for a period of 6 months. 14 BIHM students from batch 21 not only leveraged on the experiential learning at JW Marriott Hong Kong but also had the exclusivity of being trained by prominent Industry Leaders.

As part of their Internship workshops, the students had the opportunity to attend the “Optimizing Your Internship Experience” workshop conducted by Mr. Chin Teik Cheah, Founder & President of Chin Teik Consulting Ltd. and Senior Executive Leadership Coach, that covered aspects of the purpose of internship and self-assess their strengths and needs for a better real work-life experience .

It's indeed the perfect transition from classroom to workroom!


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