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Expanding Horizons Beyond Borders! Taylor's WSET Programme in Partnership with The F Studio, Jakarta

Taylor's Culinary Institute (TCI) delighted to share the recent achievements in the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) programme, which have not only elevated the Institute but also expanded its influence beyond borders. Since the beginning of this year, Taylor’s Culinary Institute has experienced remarkable success in the WSET certification programme, with a particularly strong responses for Level 1 and Level 2. However, the Institute's vision extends far beyond these accomplishments.

In August, TCI embarked on a pioneering journey to broaden its reach and foster international relationships. The Institute was in partnership with The F Studio in Jakarta to introduce a WSET class in Indonesia. The objectives were twofold which to extend the benefits of WSET education beyond our own borders and to also solidify Taylor's Culinary Institute's global presence. Through this strategic partnership, TCI has entered the Indonesian market, poised to capture the attention of a broader audience and tap into the growing demand for wine and spirit education.

The F Studio started in 2017 as lifestyle media, in 2 years and has grown into 4 business unit in lifestyle industry. Working closely with various brand to create a creative collaboration lead to the place where they stand now. The ‘F’ letter of The F People stands for Fabulous, Fantastic, and Fascinating, where people and products with the ‘F’ characteristics have influenced one another and inspired others to achieve ‘fabulous’ moments in life.

During this one-day WSET programme, 20 participants from various industries and companies joined the course at the Grand Kemang Jakarta Hotel. The participants came from diverse backgrounds, including wine suppliers, cigar companies, event organizers, renowned bloggers, glassware suppliers, and hotel employees. They had the privilege of being guided by our Oenology Specialist and certified WSET Trainer, Mr. Reuben Suresh Arthur. During lunch, a sumptuous four-course menu, expertly prepared by the Chefs of Grand Kemang Hotel, was thoughtfully paired with four different types of wines from Yellow Tail, Australia, enhancing the participants' learning experience.

This initiative aligns perfectly with TCI's core values, showcasing unwavering commitment to excellence and global collaboration. The expansion into the Indonesian market reaffirms Taylor's Culinary Institute's position as a trailblazer in culinary education, shaping trends, and setting new standards. The Institute eagerly anticipates continued growth and success on this exciting international journey.


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