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Expert Series by Datin Sahmalah Sakthivel: Giving Effective Feedback through One-to-One Conferencing

The expert series e-workshops organised by School of Education which showcases important ideas from the perspectives of experts in the field. These series feature practitioners who are prominent academics from our partner schools to provide an immersive, inclusive and enriching educational experience to the participants. The first of the two expert series e-workshop this semester was conducted by Datin Sahmalah Sakthivel from Nexus International School Malaysia. With 23 years of teaching experience at Taylor’s Schools and involvement in various teacher development programmes, her passion and know-hows on formative assessment brought a unique inspiration to the notion of feedback, which according to her, was the vaccine for boosting progress.

Addressing a total of 120 participants in the session, which included student teachers, lecturers, students from various faculties and alumni, she spoke about Giving Effective Feedback through One-to-One Conferencing. During this session she presented various examples of how the one-to-one conferencing is conducted where teachers and students were positively engaged with the intention to help students see success in their learning. This dialogic and synergistic interaction provides an open and transparent space to move learners forward and bridge the gap between teaching and learning.

According to Datin Sahmalah, one-to-one conferencing sessions are the worthwhile moments that provided her insights into what goes on in her students’ minds. Feedback from the participants indicated that the session was very encouraging, as they described it to be helpful, inspiring, insightful, informative, and enlightening.


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