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Expert Sharing Series on Hospitality Management by Taylor's Adjunct Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Low

As part of the first-year module, Hospitality Management and Leadership in Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Hons) programme, the students had the honour of listening to a vibrant and an energetic personality, Mr. Jonathan Low, Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events, Taylor's University; CEO of Global Success Learning Academy; Global Conference Speaker; Global Leadership Coach and International Author on Transformational Leadership Success.

His area of expertise are in Leadership Communication, Service Quality, Sales Performance, Team Development, Hospitality Sales, Customer Service, Hotel Revenue Optimization and many others. Having vast experience within the hospitality industry such as Hilton, Marriot, and Parkroyal.

Mr. Low has been consistently rated within the Top 2 in Global Gurus Hospitality for the last five years. Global Gurus, is the no. 1 ranking website for the world’s best thought leaders, teachers, trainers, and speakers globally has embarked on a mission to improve education globally. This new charity objective is directly connected to the Global Gurus' vision of supporting the world to attain an education beyond traditional institutions and teachings.

During the webinar, Mr. Jonathan was interactive and dynamic, with questions through Mentimeter, and his storytelling was indeed engaging. He focused on Transformational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, challenges of leadership, Six Seconds EQ International, and what important career skills is required for the hospitality industry supported with many interesting facts and data.

The students indeed learnt a lot from this expert sharing session and gained in-depth understanding on Transformational Leadership Success. It was truly an enriching experience.


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