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Exploring the Emerald Beauty of Cameron Highlands: Student's Unforgettable Bonding Trip

Taylor's Culinary Institute organized a team bonding trip to Cameron Highlands for the first-year Diploma in Hotel Management students. The trip aimed to enhance students teamwork, strengthen team spirit, cultivate critical thinking skills, and adeptly navigate challenges. Three lecturers accompanied a group of 12 first-semester students on this 2D1N excursion.

The journey began with a visit to the Bharat Tea Plantations, the second-largest tea plantation in Cameron Highlands. During an insightful tour, both students and lecturers gained a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of tea production process. They were guided through the tea fields, where the lecturers explained the art of tea cultivation, from plucking to processing, and highlighting the skill required to craft the perfect cup of tea.

The next destination included a visit to the Lavender Garden. In the garden, the students had the opportunity to observe the growth of lavender, explore its various varieties, and understand the optimal conditions necessary for its flourishing. Lavender is known for its calming and soothing scent, and students also learned about the science behind its aroma and potential therapeutic benefits. They explored the concept of aromatherapy and how scents can impact emotions and well-being.

The next destination was the Kavy Boutique Hotel, where the students and lecturers received a warm welcome from the owner, an esteemed member of the hospitality alumni, and her family. The familiarity and camaraderie shared between the hotel owner and the educational institution created an atmosphere of genuine warmth and hospitality. The owner and her family graciously shared their experiences in managing a boutique hotel, making the visit both meaningful and insightful.

The trip's standout moment unfolded in a thrilling cooking competition, designed to showcase the students' culinary skills. Divided into 4 teams, the students were challenged to craft distinctive pasta dishes within a specified time frame. Despite by the constraints in equipment and space, the students worked as a team to unleash their culinary creativity and put their cooking skills to the test. 

In addition to the cooking competition, the lecturers integrated a series of team bonding games to deepen the connections among the students. These activities included trust-building exercises and problem-solving challenges, fostering open communication, cooperation, and camaraderie. The students and lecturers shared laughter, strategized together, and uncovered new facets of each other's personalities, fostering unity and creating shared experiences.

As part of the excursion, the group visited a vineyard, where Mr. Kwang Ee Fu, the Managing Director of K.C. Kwang & Sons Sdn. Bhd, extended a personal welcome to the students and lecturers. Mr. Kwang provided a unique opportunity to witness the art of grape cultivation up close. He led them on a journey through the vineyard, imparting knowledge about the meticulous process of cultivating and nurturing grapevines, showcasing different grape varieties, explaining the significance of terroir, and detailing the careful techniques employed to craft exceptional wines.

TCI expresses sincere gratitude to all organizers and fellow students whose significant contributions played a pivotal role in making this team bonding trip to Cameron Highlands an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for everyone involved!


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