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Fighting Poverty and Inequality: Impact Lab on Education for All

As part of the initiative on impact lab - Education for All, Expert Webinar Series on development education entitled “Fighting Poverty and Inequality: Development Education Perspectives from the Philippines,” was presented by Mr. Romel A. Daya, Assistant Professor from University of the Philippines.

In his sharing, Mr. Romel highlighted the integration of communication and education for the development of the local community and its people, as well as to address social issues. Through formal and non-formal education, educators can be advocates and active participants or facilitators of development.

Mr. Romel emphasized that educators should go beyond Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from being immersed in the community through initiatives, such as volunteering in training programmes, using media, and implementing activities in line with the community or participants needs.

With more than 160 participants, this webinar was moderated by Dr. Joseph Malaluan Velarde, Lecturer from School of Education, Taylor's University.


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