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Finnish Education Model: What is so Special about It? by Mr. Heikki Vartia from HEI Schools, Finland

Taylor's School of Education organized a talk titled “Finnish Educational Model: What is so Special about it?”. The invited guest was Mr. Heikki Vartia, Partnerships and Sales Manager of Helsinki International Schools (HEI Schools), Finland. He has over 20 years of experience working in different settings in the consumer goods business. In 2019, he changed his career path to education export business. The session was livestreamed on Youtube. In his talk, Mr. Heikki introduced the world-famous Finnish Education System, which has been ranked as the best in the world in several studies and rankings. He shared the history of the education system, basic principles of the Finnish pedagogy and some insights based on latest research on how children learn. He also shared his knowledge on the research-based educational solutions for the early years offered by HEI Schools.

The questions asked during the Q & A session included the qualifications of Finnish teachers, design of early childhood programmes and assessment system in Finland. Issues related to how teachers in HEI schools adapt the Finnish curriculum based on local contexts in different countries as well as the challenges they face were also discussed. The talk ended with a summary and words of appreciation for the speaker and attendees for their support. The attendees gained valuable insights on the factors leading to successful Finnish Education System and the key elements emphasized in HEI schools for children development.

The video of the talk is accessible at:


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