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Online French, Korean and Mandarin Language Course

The Centre for Languages offered free language short courses for Taylor’s students as well as the public from 6th April to 17th April 2020. The languages offered for these short courses were Mandarin, Korean and French. They were taught by lecturers from the Foreign Language Division (FLD), comprising Mr. Fong King Yap, Ms. Jung Gyeo Woon, Ms. Janaki Ragawan and Ms. Alice Voon Kian Ching.

Each short course received around 300-350 participants for the 10 days of learning experience which involved live stream classrooms, online activities and online recorded videos. Besides that, the lecturers also provided online consultation for each participant. At the end of the short course, participants received an e-badge and e-certificate generated automatically from the TIMeS module site. These courses were covered by The Sun Daily newspaper:


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