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Frontiers in Nutrition: "Eating Out" - Spatialisation, Temporality & Sociality

Methods, expected uses, limitations and contribution of the multi-site database for “Eating Out” has been published as a Data Report in Frontiers in Nutrition, Databases and Nutrition - Volume II edited by Alessandra Durazzo, Massimo Lucarini and Igor Pravst. "Eating Out" multi-site database gathers data from more than 15,000 respondents from China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, one European one (France, as a point of comparison) countries about their food habits.

The database focuses on where, when and the social aspects of eating. While there is already data available on eating out in Europe and North America, this database is unique because it focuses on Asian countries, where eating out is particularly common and rapidly increasing due to urbanization and modernization. The article and the database are publicly available and part of an initiative to encourage open communication and collaboration between different groups who are interested in food.

Several academicians and postgraduate students in Food Studies from Taylor’s University, Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management contributed to the 5-year Taylor's University Flagship Research programme entitled "Battle of the Bulge (Obesity): Environmental and Individuals Perspective Studies". This initiative was achieved in partnership with the Chair of “Food Studies: Food, Cultures and Health” created jointly by Taylor’s University (Malaysia) and University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès (France), SEAMEO RECFON (Indonesia) and Ritsumeikan University (Japan).

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Mognard, E., Naidoo, K., Laporte, C., Tibère, L., Alem, Y., Khusun, H., Februhartanty, J., Niiyama, Y., Ueda, H., Dasgupta, A., Dupuy, A., Rochedy, A., Yuen, J. L., Ismail, M. N., Nair, P. K., Ragavan, N. A., & Poulain, J.-P. (2023). “Eating Out”, spatiality, temporality and sociality. A database for China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and France. Frontiers in Nutrition, 10.


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