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FSLM Researchers Propels the Boundaries through Pioneering Research & Insightful Publication

As we embark on the latter half of the year, it's essential to reflect upon the impressive array of scholarly contributions our esteemed faculty has accomplished thus far in 2023. The academic landscape continually evolves, and our dedicated faculty members have risen to the challenge, propelling the boundaries of their respective fields through pioneering research and insightful publications. In the pursuit of academic excellence, we're thrilled to share that our scholars across various schools in the Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management have published a remarkable total of 154 publications in the first half of this year. Of these, 113 are Indexed Publications, with more in the progress.

The School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events (SHTE), in collaboration with Visiting Professors, has contributed an impressive total of 63 publications. Further contributions have been made by the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (SLAS) with 16 publications, 15 publications from School of Food Studies & Gastronomy (SFSG), 11 publications from School of Media and Communication (SOMAC) and 8 publications from School of Education (SoED).

In the realm of Q1 2023 journal publications, Professor Dr. S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh has emerged as an intellectual powerhouse, with seven Q1 publications in esteemed top journals. Adding to his accolades, he served as an Editor for the book Cutting Edge Research Methods in Hospitality and Tourism, alongside esteemed researchers Prof. Fevzi Okumus and Dr. Shiva Jahani from University of Central Florida. Matching strides, Professor Dr. Jean-Pierre Poulain has made significant contributions to five Q1 journal publications. His collaborative spirit shone brightly in his work with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elise Mognard, resulting in three additional captivating papers. In addition to his prolific journal publications, Prof. Dr. Poulain has co-authored a broad spectrum of literary contributions, including books and book chapters, with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elise Mognard and Ms. Siti Ramadhaniatun binti Ismail, significantly enhancing our literary landscape.

Meanwhile, Dr. Stephanie Chuah Hui Wen and Dr. Ellie Chee Shi Yin each made impressive strides in the academic field by authoring four papers each, all of which were published in Top Q1 journals. Dr. Stephanie’s impactful contributions span across several topics, with her work being published in The Service Industries Journal, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, The Bottom Line, and Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Dr. Ellie's multidisciplinary research on senior living accommodations has been featured in top journals such as the International Journal of Hospitality Management, Tourism Recreation Research, and most recently, Aging & Mental Health.

We're pleased to highlight the significant contributions of our esteemed colleagues this year with the following list of selected Q1 Publications:

  1. Breakfast Practices in Malaysia, Nutrient Intake and Diet Quality: A Study Based on the Malaysian Food Barometer

  2. Community-based model of tourism development in a biosphere reserve context

  3. Cryptocurrencies have arrived, but are we ready? Unveiling cryptocurrency adoption recipes through an SEM-fsQCA approach

  4. Deinstitutionalized senior-friendly accommodation: A phenomenological exploration of deindividualized institutional life of older adults in senior living facilities

  5. Demystifying meal-sharing experiences through a combination of PLS-SEM and fsQCA

  6. Eater-oriented knowledge framework for reducing salt and dietary sodium intake (scoping review)

  7. “Eating Out”, spatiality, temporality and sociality. A database for China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and France

  8. Food socialization of children with Prader-Willi syndrome: an interdisciplinary problematization

  9. Green human resources management, green innovation and circular economy performance: the role of big data analytics and data-driven culture

  10. Green HRM, green innovation and environmental performance: the role of green transformational leadership and green corporate social responsibility

  11. Little but Sustainable: Wine, Drinking Culture, and Negotiation of Value in Taiwan

  12. Much More Than Food: The Malaysian Breakfast, a Socio-Cultural Perspective

  13. My new financial companion! non-linear understanding of Robo-advisory service acceptance

  14. Poverty, Psychological Distress, and Suicidality Among Gay Men and Transgender Women Sex Workers During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Phuket, Thailand

  15. Senior-friendly accommodations: a phenomenological study of the lived experiences of older adults with functional limitations in senior living facilities

  16. Webrooming as the new retail experience: a smart-shopping perspective

As we celebrate these achievements, we recognize the value of each publication, every shared piece of research and the collective scholarly commitment that allows our academic community to flourish. This reflection underscores the inspiring work undertaken by our academics and signifies our unwavering commitment to contributing meaningfully to our respective fields of study.

Here's to our continued journey of academic exploration and the scholars who navigate this challenging yet rewarding landscape!

List of Staff with Published Indexed Publications

School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events (SHTE)

1. Prof. Dr. S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh – 14

2. Dr. Jeetesh Kumar – 5

3. Dr. Stephanie Chuah Hui Wen – 4

4. Dr. Ellie Chee Shi Yin – 4

5. Dr. Khairiah Ismail - 4

6. Dr. Thanam A/P Subramaniam – 4

7. Prof. Dr. Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan - 1

8. Dr. Joann Lim - 1

9. Dr. Shantini Thuraiselvam - 1

10. Dr. Chia Kei Wei – 1

11. Dr. Mayukh Dewan - 1

School of Liberal Arts & Sciences (SLAS)

1. Prof. Dr. Anindita Dasgupta – 5

2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Puspa Melati - 3

3. Dr. Sharala Subramaniam – 2

4. Dr. Kalai Vaani Rajandram – 2

5. Dr. Kong Yeo Lee - 1

6. Mr. Serit Banyan – 1

7. Ms. Affezah Ali – 1

8. Ms. Sharon Linang Jimbun - 1

9. Mr. Ng Eng Hui - 1

10. Dr. Murugan Thangiah - 1

School of Food Studies & Gastronomy (SFSG)

1. Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Poulain – 7

2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chong Li Choo - 4

3. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elise Line Mognard – 3

4. Dr. Fong-Ming Yang – 3

5. Ms. Siti Ramadhaniatun binti Ismail - 1

6. Dr. Lim Pek Kui – 1

7. Dr. Jacqui Kong – 1

8. Mr. Nadzri Mohd Alim - 1

School of Media & Communication (SOMAC)

1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roslina Abdul Latif - 1

2. Dr. Nur Haniz Mohd Nor - 1

3. Dr. Nicole Lee Fong Yee – 1

4. Ms. Chew Yuin-Y - 1

5. Dr. Qasim Ali Nisar – 6

School of Education (SoED)

1. Prof. Dr. Arshad Abd Samad – 1

2. Prof. Dr. Chan Swee Heng – 1

3. Prof. Dr. Pramela Krish - 1

4. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hashimah Mohd Yunus – 1

5. Assoc. Prof. Tai Mei Kin – 1

6. Dr. Jasmine Jain – 1

7. Dr. Lee Yee Ling – 1

8. Dr. Hema Letchamanan – 1


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