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Generative AI in Teaching & Learning Through an Educator’s Perspective

Taylor's Centre for Future Learning (CFL), in collaboration with Noodle Factory, organized the Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Clinic 2024 at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus on April 2nd, was a significant event that attracted 40 enthusiastic academic staff from various faculties and schools. The focus was on exploring the potentials of generative AI in education.

Noodle Factory is an AI-powered platform that automates exam prep and tutoring. It helps educators to scale by providing contextualized AI tutoring and AI marking. Using an intuitive interface, students receive instant, personalized feedback, and tutoring, through interactive dialogue, without the need for educators to be directly involved in the process.

Dr. Vinothini Vasodavan, a dedicated educator from the School of Education at Taylor's University, spearheaded one of the session titled 'Generative AI in T&L: From an Educator Lens', highlighting the integration of generative AI, specifically Walter, as an assistant for teaching and student support in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Dr. Vinothini's participation in the Noodle Factory Educator Ambassador Programme aims to acknowledge educators' outstanding work in their daily teaching practices.

As a Noodle Factory Educator Ambassador, she can inspire and empower fellow educators by sharing success stories that highlight the school's achievements in integrating EduTech tools in collaboration with Noodle Factory, showcasing her dedication to pioneering innovative educational approaches. Through this programme, educators collaborate to introduce advanced teaching methods in classrooms, with the goal of improving the quality and effectiveness of education through training and workshops.

During the session, Dr. Vinothini showcased various features of Noodle Factory, such as efficient grading, curated content and quizzes, translation services, and personalized feedback, seamlessly incorporating them into her teaching practices. She emphasized the importance of pedagogy as the driving force behind educational innovation, with technology serving as a powerful enabler.

Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to participate in a hands-on demonstration, enhancing their understanding and facilitating a smoother adoption of Noodle Factory in their teaching efforts. This collaboration empowered every academic to contribute as a content curator, fostering progress in education amidst the digital revolution.

Reflecting on the role of technology in education, Dr. Vinothini echoed the sentiments of George Couros, emphasizing that while technology can enhance the learning process, it can never replace the essential role of teachers. Indeed, in the hands of skilled educators, technology becomes transformative, enriching the educational experience for all involved.


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