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Hitz FM Amateur Chef Ili Ruzanna Masters the Art of Cooking with Taylor's Culinary Institute's Master Chefs

Step back in time and relive the heartwarming tale of Ili Ruzanna Culinary Journey with Hitz FM and Taylor's Culinary Institute. Witness the remarkable evolution of an ordinary enthusiast into a culinary champion! In a captivating challenge presented by Hitz FM, Ili embraced the thrilling opportunity to learn the intricacies of cooking alongside the talented and skilled Chefs at Taylor's Culinary Institute, led by the Institute's Director, Chef Frederic Cerchi.

Clad in her trusty apron, Ili immersed herself in a dynamic week of culinary instruction, mastering everything from onion chopping to crafting exquisite dishes. Ili Ruzanna is known as a Malaysian radio personality and presenter for Hitz FM, a popular radio station in Malaysia. She gained recognition as the "Hitz FM Amateur Chef" for her segment on the radio show, where she shared cooking tips, recipes, and culinary adventures with listeners.

The pinnacle of Ili's adventure arrived when she courageously assumed the role of Head Chef, leading a team to prepare a delectable three-course meal served at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus for 20 eager diners. With unwavering determination and a dash of creativity, Ili concocted a culinary masterpiece that left taste buds tingling with delight. From perfecting the art of cracking eggs to presenting a crispy salmon creation that rivaled professional fare, Ili's journey exemplified the transformative power of passion and perseverance in the kitchen.

And who could forget the delectable finale, a tantalizing Pandan and Bunga Kantan deconstructed Crème Brulee that had guests clamoring for more! As we reflect on this unforgettable experience, we were reminded that anyone can ascend to culinary greatness with a sprinkle of courage and a generous dose of heart.

HITZ Amateur Chef | Day 1: Ili Learns How To Make Desserts | HITZ Tonight:

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