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Ideation to Creation – We All Have a Story by Adjunct Associate Professor Renee Pillai

Adjunct Associate Professor Renee Pillai, the first Malaysian to win the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (yes, the people responsible for the OSCARS!), was invited by the School of Media and Communication in collaboration with Taylor's University Film Festival 2022. She took us through the process of turning an idea into a fully formed script for the screen.

The session was divided into 4 parts of a 5-mins basic introduction, followed by a 5-mins ice-breaker quiz, then the actual step-by-step walk-through which lasted for 1-hour & 40-mins including a 5-mins break mid-way through, and finally a 10-mins Q&A session at the end. Due to the event was being held face-to-face at Lakeside Campus, social distancing meant, hence attendance was limited to twenty-eight (28) Taylor’s students only.

For the benefit of those who could not book a seat, the workshop was also live-streamed via the School of Media and Communication’s Facebook page at


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