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Impact4Change by Empowering Refugees Through Food Business & Chef Training Programme with PichaEats

October 2023 marked a significant step forward for Taylor's Culinary Institute (TCI) as the Institute joined hands with PichaEats to conducted a 'Food Business & Chef Training' programme for the refugee community from Myanmar, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. PichaEats, a renowned social enterprise dedicated to making a positive impact by empowering refugees through culinary initiatives, offering delectable meals while fostering community integration and support. This endeavour was made possible through Taylor’s Social Innovation Grant or Social 10, that provides opportunity for Taylor's staffs and students to pose a community problem for us to solve with a grant up to RM10,000 per project.


At the heart of this initiative lies the power of education. Over the course of two intensive days, a team of TCI's Culinary Experts, led by Chef Azuralisda Mohd Ghazali and Chef Nur Syirin Mohd Said, worked tirelessly to equip 12 refugees with the culinary skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the food business.

But why 'Food Business & Chef Training'? The answer is simple yet profound. The aim was to provide the refugee community, particularly housewives, with a sustainable means of self-sufficiency. By imparting culinary skills, we empower them to start their own food businesses, preparing and selling dishes inspired by both Western and Asian cuisines. By doing so, we not only help them to support their families but also foster a sense of independence and dignity.

The role of Taylor’s Social Innovation Grant cannot be overstated. This grant, also known as Social 10, serves as a catalyst for positive change. It enables us to address the specific needs of the refugee community by creating opportunities through culinary education. The impact of this initiative has already been heartening. Participants of the training programme have gained valuable culinary skills, and many have expressed their eagerness to start their own food businesses. We are excited about the journey ahead as they take these skills and transform them into sustainable livelihoods.

In a world filled with challenges, it is heartening to witness the transformative power of education and empowerment. Our 'Food Business & Chef Training' programme for the refugee community is a testament to the belief that every individual deserves an opportunity to thrive. As we look forward to the success stories that will undoubtedly emerge from this initiative, we remain committed to finding innovative solutions to the challenges faced by our communities.


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