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Indo-Pacific Circle Engagement in Shaping the Emergent Narratives: A Network of Thought Leaders

Dr. Benjamin Yew Hoong Loh, Senior Lecturer, School of Media and Communication was invited to attend the inaugural Indo-Pacific Circle Chennai Residency, a curated network of early and mid-career scholars from the Indo-Pacific engaged in shaping the emergent narratives of the region. The programme, jointly organized with the US Mission to India, gathered 55 academic scholars and think tank researchers from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea to discuss issues affecting this region.

During the residency, Dr. Benjamin was part of a capstone grant proposal team that won a prestigious cash award of USD5000 for the whole team and to cowrite articles for a special issue in the Indo-Pacific Review Journal. The article will be focusing on how informal/amateur investments are becoming more commonplace as costs of living are going up across the Indo-Pacific and possible regional cooperation is needed to reduce the impact of shocks to global supply chains.

He was also a presenter on a panel titled “The View from Southeast Asia: Harnessing Emerging Technologies for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific”. The avail from this event was able to network and communicate with many scholars from the region and talked about potential future research projects.


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