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Indonesia Alumni Soiree 2020

The Hospitality, Tourism, Events and Culinary Division of the Faculty of Social Science and Leisure Management recently hosted a memorable alumni event. The staff and alumni shared a valuable time with more than one hundred alumni from Indonesia. As a prelude to the Worldwide Alumni Event to be held in February 2021. This was officially launched by Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Chief Academic Officer, Prof. Dr. Pradeep Nair, along with the Faculty Management Team, Executive Dean, Prof. Dr. Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan and supported by the Head of Schools, Dr. Joaquim Dias Soeiro and Ms. Siti Ramadhaniatun Ismail; Director, Chef Frederic Raymond Cerchi and academics.

Alumni were thanked along with a trip down memory lane on how Taylor’s Brand has grown with our alumni over the years. This annual session aimed to maintain our relationship and network with our precious alumni and provide key updates about the schools and the university. The memorable alumni event would not be possible without the leadership of Ms. Yong Yut Ho, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Student Administration and Ms. Choo Lai Yee, Head of Alumni & Community Engagement spearheading the alumni department at Taylor's University.

The Soiree was concluded with breakout session based on their respective field of studies for discussions and alumni activities that reminiscence of their study time. The alumni were given the opportunity to chit chat with the lecturers about the good times they spent in the different campuses and helped to steer the discussions. As we and they look forward to the Worldwide Alumni Event, the Indonesia Alumni Soiree 2020 provided happiness, smiles and laughter in contrast with the difficult year this world experienced.


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