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Industry Guest Speaker Sharing Session with Memoires Event Management Sdn. Bhd.

An online industry sharing session with Memoires Event was hosted for modules Production & Logistics for Events and Event Operation. Memoires Event is one of the leading event planners in Malaysia. They are experienced in a wide range of event management services such as detailed proposal, event analysis, event coordination, ballroom design, backdrop design, professional emceeing, live entertainment, celebrity booking and video highlight.

Miss Pinky, the founder, spoke about the importance of the event industry and why the event industry would still be needed in the future. She also discussed about some new opportunities in this industry such as the trends of events that would be in demand, as well as the future of the event industry. During the sharing session, students were exposed to actual preparation of virtual events using green screen and technologies. Indeed, the sharing session was very insightful and informative.


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