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Industry Insights on Global Trends in the Entertainment Industry

Mr. Rizal Kamal, President of Arts, Live Festival and Events Association (ALIFE), Chief Executive Officer of LOL Asia and Adjunct Senior Lecturer of School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events, Taylor's University was invited as a Guest Lecturer for the Events & Entertainment module.

LOL Asia has won the ‘Best Entertainment Company’ in the BOSS Awards and President of ALIFE for the 3rd term which advocates for the development of Art, Live Events, Concerts and Festivals to boost the live performance industry. Mr. Rizal's achievements are recognized as M2’s Leading Men, Clive Men of 2011, Prestige’s Top 40 under 40, Newman’s Creative Pioneer Award, Augustman A-Lister and Augustman Men of The Year.

With over 50 students enrolled in this module in the present semester, Mr. Rizal had prepared a very interactive session with a lot of Q&As that took place during the lecture. Students were exposed to the global trends in entertainment industry such as the rise of short videos, SVOD competition heats up, gaming goes hyperdrive and post pandemic live concerts.

Mr. Rizal also shared some of the top short-form video trends such as influencer ads, user-generated content, soundless optimization, behind the scenes video and many more. Students also had the opportunity to hear from the industry experts on the importance of entertainment and how this competent contributed to the success of an event.

“It is very interesting to know the trends in the industry that I also didn’t know. I feel more enjoy learning this module listening to Mr. Rizal’s sharing session” – Mariyam Shaufa, Bachelor of International Events Management (Hons.), Year 1 Student.

Indeed, it was a good learning experience for the students as it exposed students to the practical aspects and, to a certain extent, the know-how so that they will be able to translate theories and concepts into practice as well as enhanced students’ understanding of the topic.


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