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"Intelligent Augmented Reality & Smart Education System" by Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Edmund Ng Giap Weng

As part of the Innovative Media module, Associate Professor Ts. Dr. Edmund Ng Giap Weng, the Director from Centre for E-Learning UMS was invited to share his thoughts on Intelligent Augmented Reality & Smart Education, based on his personal experiences as a developer in the AR industry.

Intelligent Augmented Reality (AR) System for learning applications is an object-oriented knowledge-based system, which incorporates the latest technology such as: Artificial Intelligent, Image processing, figure tracking, template matching, feature recognition, data handling structures and techniques. It also provides integration with real environment for data management and dissemination, and can handle the needs of the users with diverse focus areas such as education.

This system is designed to explore and visualize the 3-dimensional (3D) contents and objects in a most practical way. The Intelligent AR System is designed by considering human factors during and after using the system. This system intends to make a simple and straight-touch with real objects, while having an interactive guided support which allows the users to work at their own pace as well as to explore, locate any part of the system or any information based on their choice, quickly and easily.

The support includes highlighting and sequencing specifics depending on the task and the user’s field of view and experience. Around 115 participants from the School of Media & Communication attended the webinar.


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