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International Hospitality Council e-Conference “Build Back Better”

On 24th April 2020, Chef Sharizan Azali and Chef Farouk Othman were invited by the International Hospitality Council (London) for a private e-conference to share ideas and strategies to reinvent the hospitality industry post-pandemic.

Joined by an assemblage of global hospitality icons, the 150-minute session held to discuss about building back hospitality industry resilience through better standard operating systems, ad-hoc procedures & policies and measures in overcoming challenges posed by pandemic novelty.

The virtual conclave session was initiated by the International Institute of Hotel Management (India) Founder, Dr. Suborno Bose with the participation of hospitality industrial leaders from over 60 countries which include of Michelin-starred Chefs, Academicians, CEOs, General Managers, Executive Chefs, Culinary Directors, Chef Mentors, Food Directors, HR Directors and Celebrity Chefs.


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