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International Virtual Classroom Micro-Teaching between Taylor's & Centro Escolar University

This virtual simulated session focused on preparing pre-service teachers from the Taylor's School of Education with the knowledge and exposure to the integration of new technology into their respective classrooms to enhance their knowledge of immersive learning approaches. Immersive Learning is an experiential training method that uses Virtual Reality (VR) to simulate real-world scenarios. This virtual teaching innovation session focused on using Oculus Quest 2 and Engage VR, a virtual reality platform to provide an opportunity for prospective teachers to practice classroom management skills within a safe setting before they venture to work with real students.

The Virtual Reality platform supports the involvement of pre-service teachers interacting with student avatars in a simulated classroom setting. The School of Education created two milestones as the virtual simulated classroom that was carried out with the presence of a guest speaker, Associate Professor Richard Rillo from Applied Linguistics, Centro Escolar University, Manila, Philippines who appeared as an avatar and delivered a virtual lecture on Engage VR, and the pre-service students from the Bachelor of Education (Hons) (B.Ed.) programme. Taylor’s University conducted their virtual role-playing micro-teaching sessions that were witnessed by the guest from the School of Education and Graduate School of Applied Linguistics, Centro Escolar University, Manila, Philippines.

In conclusion, this teaching innovation hopes to bring about a positive impact on preparing our pre-service teachers to be ready for a smooth transition from undergraduate students to becoming future-ready teachers. The event was also in collaboration with VORTEX XR Lab, Taylor’s University, Malaysia.


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