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KASH to Carry Your Dream! Expert Speaker Series by Shamsul Amree, CEO of Domino Pizza Malaysia

Taylor's School of Food Studies and Gastronomy (SFSG), Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management has recently organized a captivating and enlightening Expert Speaker Series featuring the distinguished Mr. Shamsul Amree Ab Rahman, Chief Executive Officer of Domino's Pizza Malaysia on June 9, 2023, at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. The talk, titled "KASH to Carry Your Dream," garnered immense attention and successfully attracted a diverse audience, including 150 enthusiastic students and 6 Lecturers.

Mr. Shamsul is an experienced pizza executive with vast operational experience, but he remains a pizza delivery guy at heart. His deep operational experience comes, starting as a delivery driver while at university in Texas in 1990. From there, he joined Domino’s as a Store Manager, before progressing to Regional Management roles in corporate and franchised Domino’s businesses in two states. Mr. Shamsul joined Domino’s Malaysia in 1998 when it was only five stores, first as the Area Manager and then in the roles of leading quality assurance, training and development as the Head of Operations. He was then promoted to manage business units as General Manager and Deputy President, successfully establishing and managing Domino’s Pizza Singapore, and overseeing both Malaysia and Singapore businesses until his appointment as Domino’s Malaysia Chief Executive Officer in 2020. He was also recognized as Asia’s Most Inspiring Executive in the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2022.

Mr. Shamsul's presentation left a profound impact on the attendees, offering invaluable insights into self-development, career growth, technical expertise and entrepreneurship. The interactive session fostered a vibrant exchange of ideas and encouraged active participation from the audience. As a result, students and lecturers alike were inspired to explore new avenues and embrace their aspirations with passion and determination.

Beyond the educational realm, this Expert Speaker Series served as a strategic platform to strengthen our ties with industry partners and experts. By showcasing the expertise of Mr. Shamsul, a prominent industry leader, we effectively positioned the School of Food Studies and Gastronomy as a front-runner in culinary education and professional development. Our commitment to producing exceptional graduates, equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for success, was truly evident throughout the event.

Moving forward, we eagerly anticipate future SFSG Expert Speaker Series, which will undoubtedly offer unique opportunities for networking, industry insights and academic growth. We remain persistent in our commitment to empowering students and creating an environment that nurtures their ambitions.


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