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Landing Internship Opportunity of a Lifetime to Taylor's Digital Media Production Students

Six (6) Digital Media Production students spent their semester break interning on an upcoming Netflix show with Revolution Media, Eureka Production and Netflix Australia. They spent their time both in the office and on set, being exposed to multiple roles at once. During the short 2 weeks period of internship, they spent their days exchanging experiences with people from the industry.

During their office days, they were assigned to behind-the-scenes tasks that include finding transport and accommodation, helping to organize the accounting department, and many more. The students had the opportunity to set foot in rare places during the shoot. Those locations include places that require early bookings and restricted sites. While they were on set, they worked with as many departments as they could, which gave them an insight into what exactly each department does. They were also allowed to go into a place known as 'Video Village', where all the Producers and Directors sat as the shoot was taking place.

This internship offers more than just a glimpse into the industry, it also provides an opportunity to connect and learn from both local and international production house. The students were described as “energetic” and “cheerful” and were told that they (international crew) would love to bring them back home in a suitcase. As they return to their studies, they will carry with them an enriched perspective on the multifaceted realm of media production.

Ms. Zabrina Fernandez, the Producer of C47 Creative and an Adjunct Professor for the School of Media and Communication, had this to say: "The interns were a joy to have on set. They came in with so much enthusiasm to do everything we threw at them and courage to be heard with their questions and (some) outspoken personalities. They were a true asset on set."


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