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Malaysiakini Op-ed Publication on "Cyberbullying & Callousness in our Education" by Dr. Benjamin Loh

Dr. Benjamin Loh, Senior Lecturer, School of Media and Communication published his first op-ed of 2022 with Malaysiakini entitled “Cyberbullying and Callousness in Our Education System”. The article addresses the recent controversy of a University Professor who was caught on video berating one of her students for not having a laptop. The video was released with a thick veil of anonymity with an anonymous Twitter account that was subsequently deleted.

The leaking of an internal memo doxed the students in the class, yet no attention has been given by the university to address this breach of trust and dissemination of private information. Even as the leaker took steps to protect the identities of those involved, they still ended up being doxed which highlights the chilling environment where these actions are tolerated and condoned.

This article unpacks why doxing and cyberbullying are so rampant in this country and why there is a need to stop it from affecting whistleblowers.

The Malaysiakini article link:


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