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Marriott International Adopts Hospitality Students under the Student Employment Programme (STEP)

Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (BIHM) students were just adopted by the World's Largest International Hotel Brand, Marriott International through our Fast-Track Career Pathway Programme and our homegrown programme STEP (Student Employment Programme).

This adoption is a testament to the school’s longstanding partnership with our industry partners that paves the way to build future hospitality leaders. Through this adoption, the bond between the students and the industry will grow stronger in the years to come.

Despite the pandemic and the restricted CMCO, nothing stopped Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events from continuing with their STEP programme – Fast-track career pathway with Marriott International for the sixth time in a row. The vibrant industry experts representing the various Marriott Hotels were on campus for the interview and for the first time we held a hybrid mode interview.

The adopted students jumped for joy when the results were announced as they will be mentored and groomed by their industry mentors through the various workshops conducted via the STEP programme. The World’s largest hotel brand endorsement combined with the bachelor’s degree advancement is an unstoppable learning journey.


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