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Mastering Food Safety System & Product Flow with Expert Advice from Mr. Kelvin Ng, Director of BGR FoodTalks

The recent Industry Expert session on Food Safety System and Product Flow, featuring Mr. Kelvin Ng, the Director of BGR FoodTalks Sdn. Bhd., provided a valuable learning experience for 30 final year Bachelor of Culinary Management students engaged in the Culinary Product Development module. Hosted by the Module Leader - Chef Nadzri Mohd Alim on May 8, 2024, this event delivered invaluable insights into the practical implementation of food safety systems and the efficient management of food product flow within culinary operations.

Mr. Kelvin's expertise provided essential knowledge for students' future endeavors, particularly in comprehending food safety regulations and optimizing operational efficiency. Focused on the cook-freeze system utilized at Tiffin® Living Lab on campus, his session resonated strongly with students, offering tangible insights applicable to their professional trajectories. By highlighting key regulations such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Mr. Kelvin underscored the proactive approach necessary for identifying and mitigating potential risks throughout the food production process, ensuring the highest standards of food safety in their future endeavors.

This session served as a bridge between theoretical concepts and real-world applications, providing students with a contextual understanding through case studies and practical examples. By showcasing how food safety systems are implemented, and product flow is managed in culinary businesses like Tiffin, students gained a deeper appreciation for the nuances of industry practices. Such collaboration with industry experts enhanced the university's reputation as a center for practical, industry-relevant education, reaffirming its commitment to equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive culinary landscape.

This session exemplified the university's dedication to fostering experiential learning opportunities that bridge the gap between academia and industry. By facilitating interactions with industry leaders like Mr. Kelvin, the university demonstrated its commitment to preparing students for success in their professional journeys.


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