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Memorandum of Agreement with Reputable Industry Partners for Master of Clinical Psychology Programme

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (SLAS), Master of Clinical Psychology programme has signed a total of Ten (10) Memorandum of Agreements (MoAs) with top and reputable industry partners in the field of Clinical Psychology. With this, the students will be able to practice as a Clinical Psychology Trainee in these practicum sites. The school believes these MoA partners can instill interest and guide the next generation for a better future in mental health care.

These MoA partners provide top-notch practical sites, supervision qualities, and diverse clinical skills for the students in the programme to learn and equip themselves as an all-rounded Clinical Psychologist. With the current requirement of minimum 1,500 clinical practicum hours fulfilment set by the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP), SLAS strives to ensure that the students in the programme are given opportunities to have their external practicum in these reputable MoA partners’ site to achieve the hours required to register as a full member under MSCP.

Below are the MoA partners:

MPS Psychological Services is a psychological service centre aimed at providing psychological services such as psychotherapy, psychological assessments, and psychological consultation for children, adolescents, and adults. The centre also provides psychological talks and workshops to raise awareness about mental health.

The Mind Psychological Services and Training is a renowned psychological centre which provides comprehensive services such as therapy, support groups and training programmes.

InPsych Psychological & Counselling Services is a psychological centre which provides comprehensive services that targets prevention, treatment, and restoration of psychological and general well-being. The centre provides psychological screening, assessments, and treatments, awareness of mental health, continuity of care and professional development by using a holistic approach.

Mentem Psychological Services is a client-centered mental health facility which provides psychological interventions and assessments for various types of psychological concerns for children, adolescents, and adults. The centre provides genuine and emphatic services that help people to cope with and overcome their psychological, emotional, behavioural, or interpersonal issues.

People Psychological Solutions provides a full range of psychological assessments and counselling for adults. They offer evidenced-based mental health interventions and assessments which includes psychotherapy, psychological assessments, online counselling, and corporate services for adults.

The Happy Leaves is an autism and special needs therapy centre which offers a one-stop solution for individuals with learning difficulties and psychological concerns. Services that the centre provides are individualized behaviour therapy or psychotherapy for both children and adults.

Rekindle Centre for Systemic Therapy is a well-established psychological centre aimed to provide psychological services such as psychotherapy, psychological testing, and employee assistance programme for a diversity of population. It has a multidisciplinary team which consists of clinical psychologists, registered counsellors, and family and marriage therapists.

Thrive Well Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as SOLS Health) is a community-based mental health centre that provides trauma-informed mental health consultancy, research, clinical, and advocacy services to individuals, families, and organisations with an emphasis on advancing trauma-informed mental health services, developing socially responsible practitioners, and combating the stigma of mental health in Malaysia.

Labyrinth Psychological Centre, Johor, is a psychology centre founded by a clinical psychologist. The centre aims to provide quality psychological services and promote mental health literacy to the public. The centre also intents to engage in research and development to promote scientific evidenced-based intervention in promoting mental health well-being.

Silver Lining Psychology Specialist is a psychology centre that facilitates mental health and wellness for a wholesome person-centered care and services, stress prevention, and health promotion, and learning opportunities. The centre offers counselling and psychotherapy, psychological assessments, skill training, wellness coaching, and Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).


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