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New Element & Design Construction: Mont Blanc Petit Gateaux by World Pastry Champion 2019 Chef Otto

School of Food Studies & Gastronomy (SFSG) invited Adjunct Senior Lecturer and World Pastry Champion 2019, Chef Otto Tay to conduct a half-day Masterclass Series Workshop with Bachelor of Patisserie Arts students. 17 students who registered for Creative Modern Pastry module participated in this workshop to learn the latest element in producing petit gateaux consisting of flavor construction, design component and garnishing by using the chestnut as the main ingredient.

During the workshop, Chef Otto introduced chestnut paste and cream and also how to combine this exotic nut together with the berries to form Mont Blanc Petit Gateaux. The dessert has built up different components such as Chocolate Sable, Cassis Gelee, Hazelnut Dacquoise, Chestnut Bavarois, Chestnut Bavarois and Chestnut Mousseline. The session was sponsored by Debic Brand which highlighted dairy whipping cream that is suitable for mousse, bavarian, cake coating and other desserts.

This session was one of the school's efforts to encourage, motivate and develop student interest in order to prepare them the be wholesome graduates to suit industry demands. Chef Otto concluded the event by giving a motivational speech and encouragement to the students to promote their interest in the pastry and bakery industry.


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