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Open Classroom @ Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Programme

The Business Lecturers of Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Programme (ADTP) opened their classrooms for an afternoon of learning and connections between the academic programme and business professionals. The event was attended by students who are currently taking Introduction to Business, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting module as well as some students from other classes.

The event started off with a lecture delivered by Mr. Yow Kien Yoong, Lecturer of the American Degree Transfer Programme, touching on the skills learned in the business degree and how they translate to employability skills in the future workforce, employer expectations from business degree graduates and how can business graduates maximize their potential. Ms. Adeline Wong, an Investment Advisor by profession with experience as an Actuary, shared about how to use her expertise in advising clients on making wise decisions on investing and retirement savings.

Mr. AJ Chin, a Contractor by profession, shared on the unique attributes and daring differentiation tactics he employs to make him sought after in the construction industry. Ms. Cheryl Wee, a Lawyer by profession with a niche in real estate and litigation, shared on the culmination of skills and experiences learned from academic settings and work experiences that she always refers to in managing a case, citing nothing learned is ever irrelevant.

Strategy Coach Ms. Ruth Naing shared on how even experienced business professionals always need the extra push and motivation to achieve their goals, and no aspirations can be reached alone. Real Estate Negotiator Mr. Ng Teck Yong shared on insights in the property market and how recognizing and differentiating the buyers’ market v.s. the sellers’ market helps him cater to his clients’ needs.

Our sincerest appreciation to the invited speakers for sharing their expertise and bringing tremendous value to the teaching and learning process.

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