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Patisserie Arts & Mocktail Workshop for Chinese High School Students by Taylor's Culinary Institute

A group of 45 students from Chinese High School Batu Pahat, Johor visited Taylor's University Lakeside Campus to participate in a Patisserie Arts and Mocktail Workshop.

During the workshop, Ms. Michelle Lee, Programme Director of Diploma in Hotel Management, conducted a Mixology Workshop focused on mocktail making. She covered various topics, including types of bar equipment, glassware, garnishes and the step-by-step process of making mocktails. The workshop provided the high school students with hands-on experience and knowledge in the art of mocktail preparation.

Additionally, Chef Aaron Tang Kok Keong, Programme Director of Advanced Diploma in Patisserie & Gastronomic Cuisine and Diploma in Culinary Arts, demonstrated the creation of fruit tartlets. The high school students had the opportunity to make their own fruit tartlets using fresh fruits and ingredients provided by Taylor's. This activity allowed them to explore the world of pastry arts and develop their culinary skills.

Furthermore, Chef Frederic Cerchi, Director of Taylor's Culinary Institute (TCI), shared information about the Institute to the high school students. This introduction provided the students with insights into the culinary industry and the educational opportunities available at Taylor's Culinary Institute.

Overall, this workshop and visit to the campus proved to be a valuable and eye-opening experience for the students and teachers from Chinese High School Batu Pahat. They gained practical skills in mocktail making and patisserie arts, and they also had the opportunity to learn more about Taylor's Culinary Institute and the culinary field in general.


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