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Peer Assisted Learning Services for Master of Teaching & Learning, School of Education

The School of Education (SoEd) is thrilled to share the success of our Peer Assisted Learning Services (PALS) initiative, which has assisted many students in passing their two core modules and achieving academic success during the August 2022 semester in Master of Teaching and Learning programme. PALS is a programme that pairs students who are facing difficulty with their module with Peer Tutors who have already completed the module with high grades.

The Tutors are those in their final semester or pursuing doctoral studies. These Peer Tutors helped their fellow students to improve their understanding of the assignment requirements, module material and study skills by providing academic assistance, guidance and support. Following the PALS programme, a survey of 110 students found 97% agreed that the learning sessions had been helpful for them in completing the assignment. The passing rate has improved tremendously during the semester with PALS programme in place.

The PALS programme success is not only due to the academic assistance provided by Peer Tutors, but also to the development of a supportive and collaborative learning community. Students who participated in the programme received academic support and the opportunity to connect with their peers and improve their communication and interpersonal skills.

The school expressed it's gratitude to all the Peer Tutors who have volunteered their time and effort to help their fellow students succeed.


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