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Publishing in Academic Journals & Epistemological Integration in Research by BJIT

Prof. Dr. Moses Stephens Gunams Samuel, Professor from School of Education, Taylor's University was invited as a plenary speaker for an inaugural Research and Publication Webinar organized by Bangladesh Journal of Integrated Thoughts (BJIT) on 26th September 2020. Prof. Moses’ address, entitled “Publishing in Academic Journals,” offered a wide-ranging discussion of the publication process, what editors look for in a submission, framing the problem for an international audience, typical reasons for article rejection, dealing with rejection and revision, and supports to publication.

Over 140 participants mostly from Bangladesh but also from other countries, including Malaysia, attended the session. This webinar was the first in a series introducing academic contributors to BJIT journal to the intricacies of publication and to issues that the BJIT journal, an interdisciplinary journal focusing on social justice and transformation of human life and society. The webinar had a lively Q & A session which lasted almost an hour.

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