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Professional Chef Series with Michelin Starred Chef Pierre Lambinon

Chef Pierre Lambinon, an experienced 2* Michelin Starred Chef who had worked under many famous Chefs , the owner of a restaurant for 10 years and an alumni from Toulouse culinary school was invited as a speaker in a “Professional Chef Series” by Taylor's Culinary Institute (TCI).

The Diploma in Culinary Arts (DC) and Advanced Diploma in Patisserie & Gastronomic Cuisine (ADC) students had the opportunity to follow live the making of a French fine dining classic dish “Pan sear Chicken breast with classic Ratatouille” by Chef Pierre.

A total of 144 participants went Live with Chef Pierre Lambinon who provided a real-life exposure to the students on French dishes prepared in France by a French Chef. He also shared some tips and secret recipes to make a perfect dish from home.


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